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Bird Feeder with 24 Inch Cover

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Contemporary design feeder with a 24" lid. This feeder features a universal post mount and hanger for easy installation. This feeder also has an easy twist off lid that makes filling simple even at a hanging or mounted position. This product comes with two options. The cover comes with two color choices either a red or a forest green. The cover also comes in two size choices the regular 16” cover or 24” cover. This Feeder with is 24" Cover is very Purposeful for many reasons. One the ultimate coverage, even in the harshest weather you wont have to worry about rain and snow spoiling your seed.  The other when used in a hanging situation works as a great as a squirrel guard. The weight of the squirrel on the lid when it gets to the edge will dump him to the ground before he has the chance to steal food.

Both size feeders have a large one-gallon feed capacity.
Bird Feeder with 24 Inch Cover
Bird Feeder with 24 Inch Cover

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